Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Actors Book Feature Film "Solstice"

3 of our One Source Talent Dallas actors were booked to play soldiers in the upcoming independent short film, "Solstice". The film takes place after millions of extraterrestrial slaves flee their captors to Earth's solar system, their wormhole opens in the center of the sun causing cataclysmic damage. They trade a new home on Earth for help in creating four artificial suns. But, the aliens who enslaved them send an army to Earth to retrieve what is theirs with the ensuing war lasting five years, leaving billions dead, and the planet under alien occupation. Survivors of this apocalypse, many just kids, band together and form a guerilla resistance movement to fight against that occupation. They will be paid as well as receive a copy of the film. The film is set to start shooting on January 30th. Congrats to Krystal Miranda, Qwest Courtney and Patrick Ishimwe for booking the film.

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